Saturday, 29 January 2011


crap... its Saturday night and YES i drank copious amounts of Vodka... hell it makes me happy it counts OK...screw the calorific value... I'm not supposed to be sad yet... but I started packing my living away from home stuff and had to look at the cupboard full of Marmite to stop looking at hubby and breaking down into tears.... the whole point of this pissing degree was to get out of this crappy council estate and particularly the pretty (sarcasm) ginger bitch a door away (you know who you are!!!) but I already hate living away from home.... I'm putting a brave face on it cos you know I am woman therefore tis all good... (that or I'm a fabulous liar.... we wont go there just now...)

I've been in my job a whole month and they paid me for it (dumb) but I still don't know what the hell I'm doing... uni lied and taught me nothing common sense didn't give me... I'll report Mon/Tues when I am crying my eyes out and have nothing else to do, since tmrw I plan on clinging to the ankles of my hunny / hugging my kids to death / crying intermitatley.... trying to cook beef...

why the hell did I think this was going to be a good idea?

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  1. You will be the BDSW (Best Damn) in all of the UK if not the universe this is hard but you will get through it I am so proud of everything you have done xxx